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I sincerely hope you enjoy watching my demo reel as much as I enjoyed making it. My goal in my coverage is to educate, inform, and inspire. 
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Live broadcast – Linwood, Kansas
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Story Package – Solar Eclipse
Covering the unreal total solar eclipse in Alliance, Nebraska for The Washington Post. Article and embedded photo available at:
Nationally Televised Field Report
Boston Winter Storm

Brief segment of a report that was delivered on WeatherNationTV from Boston, Massachusetts, over I-90, the Massachusetts Turnpike. This was my first task as a field reporter recently brought on board WeatherNation. The first video is a report on conditions, while the second is a spot on climatology, and the broader scope of the status of Boston's wintertime. 

NOTE: "Original" videos of better quality will soon replace the temporary "screen grabs" featured below.

© 2015 by Matthew Cappucci. Image courtesy Jenine Dobratz.