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"In the Sept. 21 Old Colony Memorial, Matthew Cappucci published an article about hurricanes and particularly the Great New England Hurricane of 1938. Halfway through the article I rushed to the bottom to discover which national news service had clearly the best meteorologist and science writer on staff in America. I was astonished to find that the article was written by a Plymouth resident, a high school junior attending public school in Hyannis.I am a physicist and chemist on the faculty at Harvard University. Like Matthew, I love meteorology. I thought I knew a bit about hurricanes, but I had so much to learn from Matthew’s article! Vividly clear descriptions reveal a mature understanding of the dynamics of hurricanes and a very keen talent for communication.There are, indeed, many reasons to read Matthew’s article, not the least of which is the lessons it imparts for the future. The Great New England Hurricane was truly powerful and ominous; we have seen nothing like it in New England since 1938. There are no reasons it can’t happen again, and every reason to understand the tempest’s dynamics and the protective measures which save lives.Hats off to Matthew. He is bound for a wonderful career in meteorology, science writing or whatever he chooses to do.And hats off to the Old Colony Memorial for publishing “75 Years After the Storm.”
– Eric J Heller, Plymouth
Physisist, Chemist; Harvard University

© 2015 by Matthew Cappucci. Image courtesy Jenine Dobratz.